Resolution Or Resolute

Resolution Or Resolute

New Year’s Resolution or New Year’s Resolute

Three people standing resolute.If you’ve ever wanted to stop your relationship with cigarettes this is a great time of the year to do it. It is not just a new year’s resolution, it’s resolute. Some folks may want to hold off until after the new years festivities. When things settle down to the real world, your normal day. Especially if alcohol is involved. Alcohol weakens your determination. You may forget or not be mindful of your resolute. If you decide to discontinue your cigarettes before or during the holiday season Just remember to not weaken your stance with alcohol, coffee or any other stimulants (unless prescribed by your physician).


If you attempt to stop smoking “cold turkey” that’s fine. However keep in mind that when you put your foot down to smoking It is usually at at time when your will power is strong or relatively strong. The thing to remember is will power is of the conscious mind and is not resolute, one day it’s strong then at another time it’s weak. We usually stop smoking, go on a diet, start an exercise program, etc when we are feeling strong and motivated. This is good. However a week later, two weeks and so on because of our daily life and habits will power gets worn down. We loose our focus and determination and our moxie. Then we are weak and fall into old habits, because the old habits will wait in standby for quite a while. We do this because it is easier and familiar.


And at first your new resolute is always on top of your thoughts. Then as time goes on and other life matters enter into your daily thoughts. Your  new resolute gets diluted with other aspects of your life. If you don’t renewed your resolute daily or sooner your resolute will fade until after about 1 or 2 weeks a stressful situation arises and since your new resolute has faded and your old habit is stronger than your new resolute you turn, reluctantly, back to cigarettes. Usually you tell yourself “Just one won’t hurt, besides I’ve got control of this thing now”. Wrong. Soon you are back in smoking. And because you are back to smoking, you criticize your self. You might even be down on yourself with thoughts like “Well that didn’t work. I failed at quitting smoking. Might as well not even try it again. “. In stead you should think to your self “I did it I quit for two weeks. I was successful for two weeks. I can make another stab at it and be more successful this time”.

Blurred girl holding flowerWith hypnosis, we give the positive suggestion directly to the subconscious and if the suggestions are accepted becomes your new habit. Since The suggestions go to your subconscious they are not week like will power. The subconscious is where our habits are stored.
If you are a smoker and wish to become a non-smoker in 2018 then which ever method you choose I hope you are successful.
Jim Buckland C.H.


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  1. I was searching on the internet that how can Hypnosis help us in smoking and then I find your blog. After reading this article my confusion related to this question is solved and I get my answer thanks for solving my problem.

    1. You are quite welcome. I’m glad you found help on the blog. I’m always open to suggestions. I plan on having a page for online hypnosis sessions. Doesn’t that sound exciting and fun? Oh yes, did you sign up for the newsletter. I’m getting ready to send out a free self-hypnosis to my newsletter people. signup NOW!

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