Are you having a bad relationship With cigarettes

Are you having a bad relationship With cigarettes

When we first started wisth cigarettes there was no problem. we could smoke a pack a day and still run like the wind, or close. We had plenty of lung to absorb the oxyOxygen to blood imagegen.  But, as years go by and 7280 cigarettes per year (assuming 1 pack per day). After just 5 years and 36400 cigarettes, our lung’s microscopic oxygen receptors has gotten cloged with tar and an aggragate of other chenicals.

We can’t run like the wind anymore without getting “winded”. Our lungs can’t absorb enough oxygen. As years go by a smoker has less and less oxigenated blood. Which leads to outer extremeties such as hands and feet problems.

We start noticing we are having a bad relationship with cigarettes. We have outgrown our need for cigarettes. It’s time to move on. The tobacco industry was wrong, it’s not cool, smart, a friend, a relaxer. Yes it’s always there for you. waiting to do you in. How much have you paid into the multimillion dollar tabacco industry?

Jim Buckland C.H.


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